Pricing is based on vehicle size and condition, Please contact us for a quote.

Interior Packages

Executive (Light Cleaning)
Est. Time 2-3 Hours

Remove All Interior Garbage
Streak Free Glass
Floor Mats Washed
Vinyl, Plastic & Leather Cleaning
Carpet & Fabric Deodorized

Premier (Light Steam)
+ Executive Package
Est. Time 5-8 Hours

Thorough Vacuum
Floor Mats Steamed / Shampooed
Steam Carpets & Seats
Stain Removal
Wipe Down Door Jams
Leather Steamed and Conditioned
Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber Conditioned / UV Protected
Driver Controls, Compartments, Cup Holders & Crevices Detailed

Ozone Odor Treatment Available For Both Above Packages

Presidential (Steam Clean)
+ Executive & Premier Packages
Est. Time 8-12 Hours

Detail Door Jambs Using Steam
Leather Steam Cleaning & Conditioning
Fluid Repellent Fabric Guard
Pet Hair Removal
Ozone Treatment To Destroy Odors Permanently
Steam Cleaning of all: Driver Controls, Compartments, Cup Holders, Crevices, Fabrics, Carpets, Leather, Headliner, Seat Belts, Seat Rails, Vents, Driver Pedals, Floor Mats & All Other Surfaces


Exterior Packages

Executive (Very Good)
Est. Time 2-3 Hours

Foam Bath
Hand Wash
Spot Free Rinse
Blown Dry With Filtered Air
Streak Free Glass
Engine Bay Degrease & Rinse
Wheels & Tires Cleaned and Conditioned
Light Clay Bar To Remove Bonded Contaminants
Spray Wax

Machine Wax Or Sealant Available

Premier (Better)
Est. Time 1-1.5 Days

Spray Foam
Hand Wash & Dry
Spot free rinse
Blown dry with filtered air
Streak Free Glass
Wheels & Tires Deep Cleaned & Conditioned
Engine Bay Degreased & Detailed
Plastic Trim Restored & UV Protected
Wheel Wells Scrubbed & Conditioned
Paint Decontamination & Clay Bar:  Tree Sap, Road Tar, Brake Dust & Iron Deposits Removed

All in One Polish.  This Is a Single Step Process That Removes Light Swirls and haze While Adding a Layer Of high gloss Wax


2-Step Paint Correction With Your Choice Of High Gloss Wax Or Paint Sealant.  
This Process Will Remove deeper scratches, swirls and defects In The Paint, Add More Gloss & Create a Better overall Finish

Presidential (Best)
Est. Time. 2.5-5 Business Days

Spray Foam
Hand Wash & Dry
Spot free rinse
Glass Polishing
Streak Free Glass With Nano Rain Repellent Coating Lasting 1 Full Year
Wheels & Tires Deep Cleaned & Conditioned
Engine Bay Degreased & Detailed
Plastic Trim Restored & UV Protected
light Chrome Polishing with sealant
Exhaust Tips Polished and Sealed
Headlights & Taillights Polished & Protected
Wheel Wells Scrubbed & Conditioned
Undercarriage Rinse
Paint Decontamination:  Tree Sap, Road Tar, Brake Dust & Iron Deposits Removed
Minor Paint Rock Chip Repair (paint pen required or Paint code)

3 Step Paint Correction: Compounding & Polishing With A Layer Of Both Sealant & Wax.  This will bring your vehicles paint back to like new or better than new condition.

Add Nano Ceramic Coatings to the Paint, Glass, Plastics, lights, chrome and Wheels To Any Package For 2-5 Years Of Protection.  These coatings provide a barrier of protection, are extremely Hydrophobic, assist in keeping your vehicle cleaner for much longer, Resist Contaminants such as road tar and tree sap and provide an ultra High Gloss finish.


Motorcycle Detailing

Each motorcycle is unique and your detail should be too.  There are several options to choose from and we can accommodate any budget.  Please contact us today for a free quote.  

-Spray Foam
-Hand Wash And Dry
-Spray Wax
-Clay Bar All Painted And Chrome Surfaces
-Iron And Tar Decontamination
-Wheels And Tires Detailed
-Leather Seats / Bags Cleaned And Conditioned
-Leather Sealant. Repels Fluids, Scuff and Scratch Resistant
-Chrome Polishing And Protection
-All Painted Surfaces Polished (Swirls, Haze, Light Scratches Removed)
-Plastic Trim Restoration
-Headlight And Taillight Polished
-Water Repellent Wind Screen Coating
-Helmet Polishing
-A Coat Of Both Sealant And Wax For Long Lasting Protection And Shine

-Add Quartz Nano Ceramic Coatings To Painted, Plastic And Chrome Surfaces For the Ultimate Protection And Gloss.  This Coating Chemically Bonds To The Surface while adding a measurable layer to the clear coat.  they Repel Water And Dirt Very Well Making The Bike Very Easy To Keep Clean while maintaining an ultra high gloss finish..  The Bike Coatings Will provide you with 3-5 years of protection.

 Regular Waxing Is No Longer Necessary with our nano coatings.


Additional Services:

Scuff, Scratch & Paint Transfer Removal

3M, Vinyl Decals, Dealership & Company Logo Removal

Rock Chip & Scratch Repair On Painted Surfaces

Paintless Dent Repair Via Dentbusters

Children's Car Seat Detail. Includes Vacuum, Steam Cleaning, Fabric Deodorizer & Fabric Guard

Single Stage Paint Polishing

Light Wet sanding

Light Orange Peel Removal

Window Tinting

vehicle vinyl wrapping

vinyl decals

Xpel Paint Protection Film

Headlight / Fog light Protection Film (clear or various colors)

Rain Repellent Nano Coating. This Coating Bonds To The Glass & Lasts Up To One Full Year.  Easy Removal Of Frost, Snow, Bug Guts Etc.

Wheel Nano Coating. Repels Dirt, Tar & Brake Dust. Much Easier To Keep Your Custom Wheels Clean & Protected. 2+ Years Of Protection

Clay Bar/Decontamination. Recommended After Hand Wash & Before Polishing Or Waxing. Removes Road Tar, Tree Sap, Paint Over Spray & Brake Dust. Leaves Your Paint Extremely Smooth & Glossy.

Headlight & Taillight Restoration. Remove Yellow Haze, Glazed Over Plastic Lenses & Minor Scratches & Swirls.  Nano Coating Added For UV Protection.

Ozone shock treatment:

-water damage MOLD remediation
-fire smoke remediation
-allergy air purifier with shock treatments
-remove odor
-control smoke
-kill mold
-kill allergens
-dust mites
-second hand smoke odor
-control fungus
-remove smells from a musty vehicle
-Skunk odor
-mildew odors
-fresh air
-remove cigar smoke odor
-Kill black mold
-chemical fumes
-cigarette smoke
-produce fresh clean air through the oxidation process
-food odors
-deodorizer for any odor
-pollution fumes
-kill germs
-kill virus'

-Extra Charges May Apply When Dealing With Blood, Excessive Animal Hair, Excessive Mud, Dirt or Debris-

Wax Vs. Sealant Vs. Nano Coating. Which To Choose?

Wax Provides 2-4 Months Of Shine & Protection. Excellent Depth/Shine, Great For Summer, Car Shows & a Great Overall Improvement To Your Vehicles Exterior.

Sealant Provides 7-12 Months Of Protection. An Excellent Choice Before Winter, a Vehicle That Gets Driven Daily & Provides The Best Protection After Polishing. Sealant Can Be Added Before Wax For a Perfect Combination Of Shine & Durability.

A Nano Coating Is Basically A Sealant, With A Higher Durability And Longevity. It Creates a Bond With The Clear Coat And Lasts 2-3 Years. Repels Water And Dust Extremely Well.  The Very Best!