Paint correction (also known as paint polishing or buffing) is the process of permanently removing below surface imperfections from a vehicle's finish. Additionally, this helps to restore the true paint color, depth, and clarity, and reflectivity to levels often better than factory new. 

-Light Polish And Detail-

Remove 65-80% Of Light Swirls And Haze. Best Suited For Newer Cars With Minor Defects Or A Used Vehicle Being Prepared For Sale.

6-8 Hours 

From $600.00

-The Presidential Exterior Package + Light Single Stage Polish


-Single Stage Polish And Detail-

Remove 75-85% Of Light To Moderate Swirls And Scratches. Perfect For A Daily Driven Vehicle Looking To Increase Gloss And Clarity. Our Most Popular Paint Correction Package.

8-10 Hours

From $800.00

-The Presidential Exterior Package +

Wheel Wells Conditioned
-Exhaust Tips And Chrome Polished
-Headlights And Taillights Polished
-Single Stage Polish


-Multi Stage Cut / Polish And Detail-

Fantastic Gloss And Clarity. 85-95%+ Of Scratches, Defects And Swirls Removed. Designed For Dark Coloured Vehicles, Cars That Are Severely Neglected And Clients With High Expectations.  

15-50+ Hours.

From $1300.00. Vehicle Inspection Is Required

Multi stage paint correction.

Multi stage paint correction.

Single stage polish.

Single stage polish.